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Popsicle Sticks And Mathematics

Popsicle Sticks And Mathematics
5 to 6 years child activity

Your child is now ready for some basic math. Here’s a hands-on activity to help your kid get a feel for equations and start building lifelong skills.

Requisites: 23 popsicle sticks, marker.


1. Label Sticks. Have your child hold each stick vertically and label it with one number, starting from 1 till 20. Use the remaining three sticks to write a plus, minus, and equals sign (+, -, =) using crayons or markers.

3. Build an equation. Start with addition. Make problems by using the popsicle sticks and let your child hold up the answers. Later, using the same popsicle sticks she already labelled, you can have your child practice subtraction too.

Math is all around us; and with your help, it will be learnt in a more concrete and applicable way by your young one. So do practice this activity often.