"Raw and Ripe" - A Fun Way To Learn Differences

"Raw and Ripe" - A Fun Way To Learn Differences
3 to 4 years child activity

Your child learns every minute, every day now. As a parent you need to ensure physical and mental growth of your kid. Make sure the child gets a healthy learning environment at home. You have to spend maximum time with your kid so that he can grasp knowledge from you. Expand his intellectual ability to the fullest. For instance, you could teach your child how to differentiate between a ripe fruit and a raw fruit. This can be a good step to boost his ability to distinguish between objects.

1. Take a basket of apple that consists of raw and ripe pieces.
2. Make the kid sit with you and help in placing the apples in a different basket. Take a ripe red apple and let the child observe its shape, colour and texture.
3. Show him a light red coloured apple. Make him touch it and realise that it is slightly harder than the previous one.
Make him understand that the ripe apple is juicy, red and soft compared to the raw apple. You can practice a similar lesson with other fruits as well.