Sensory Booster: The Pebbles Activity

Sensory Booster: The Pebbles Activity
2 to 3 years child activity
Shape recognition
Fine Motor

Now your cute pie knows so many objects, some basic shape and pick-through small objects. They are able to differentiate between high and low volume, and also can feel music beats. Here is an interesting activity for your little one to increase this skill of his.

Requisites: Some different size mold and tray (ice tray,muffins tray), lots of small Pebbles, Plastic containers-4 to 5, Spray Paint – 3 to 4 colors, Some old news paper, Large plastic container-1, Some colorful chalk


 Take all the pebbles and divide them into 5 parts.

 Take old news paper and put each part on it.

 Obtain 4 parts, color each part of the pebble in different color with the help of spray paint. It will dry in 20 minutes, but if weather is moist you can use your hair dryer for drying.

 Now take one large container and mix all the color and non-color containers.


1. Give your kid the small containers and tell them to separate pebbles according to the colours in these containers. (If your child like music then you can play any nice track or rhyme so your little one’s interest level will increase. Parents can demonstrate it initially.)

2. When all pebbles are separated, give your little one different shaped mold tray and ice tray. Tell them to fill it with different colors pebbles. You can tell them the names of the shape which they fill.


2. Parents can draw any basic object on floor with the help of a color chalk and say to your loved one that they put the same color pebbles on that object. You can draw star, triangle, circle, flower, squarer, rectangle, small house, etc.

Your little one will learn about shapes, colors and hand-eye coordination with this activity.