Set The Target & Play-Lid Frisbee Toss Game

Set The Target & Play-Lid Frisbee Toss Game
3 to 4 years child activity
Gross motor
Eye-Hand movement

At this age, your kiddo is fully active, he will not want to stay at one place. This activity keeps him busy. You can play it outdoor and indoor both. It enhances your kid’s gross motor skills, works on targets and concentration skills, too. Your little one can play in group. At least two people are required for this activity. Let’s start to set-up lid Frisbee toss game.

Requisites - Tape - 3 different colours, Plastic lid -10 to 15 (if you do not have it, then see alternative in note at the end of the activity), paper and pen, chalk -1


1. Take three colour tape sticks on floor at one foot apart distance like blue-green-red colour.

2. From the first tape (blue) mark one position point for your kid. It should be 2 to 3 feet apart, but you can set it according to your kiddo too.

3. Now tell them him that, first tape(blue) is worth 5 points, second tape(green) carries 10 points, third tape(red) carries 15 points. Participant should stand on your marked position and throw lid to the target lines. The lid must land on top of a line to earn points. After game setup do a toss to determine who begins the game.

4. Now, start the game, take all lids in basket and throw at target lines, once all lids are finished, you can note down the points on a paper and collect all lids in a basket.

Now, you can invite another kid to do same and play the game. The one with the most points is the winner of the game.

5. After 1st round, go for 2nd round. In the 2nd round, the same applies, but in restricted time. In one minute, all participants should have achieved their target.

This is a fun game and you can play it in a garden or inside your home.

Note- if you do not have sufficient lids you can take hard card board cut 6 to 8cm. circle, and paint it in different bright colours. You can use quarter paper plate too, but paper plates are very light. You can sticks two to three paper plate together and colour it with spray paint.

This activity is extremely fun for your little one because it is so full of colours. It also enhances your kid’s motor skills.