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Show Me The Path

Show Me The Path
3 to 4 years child activity
Fine Motor
Letter Recognition

At this stage, your kid is already familiar with the alphabet. This activity strengthens the base further and also imparts motor skills. Design and prepare this fun and exciting activity for your little scholar. Your kid would have great fun learning by finding the path for the particular alphabet.

Requisites: A chart paper (in light color), scissors or paper cutter, color markers


1. Fold the chart paper horizontally and cut it by paper cutter in half. Use one half only.

2. Draw the letters randomly in capitals in different sizes (probably your kid should familiar with).

3. Use one single color for same alphabet throughout on chart paper. Use another color for another alphabet.

4. Tell your kiddo to pick any alphabet and find and connect it throughout on chart paper using marker. Use a different marker while picking another alphabet.

By this activity, your little one’s mental acumen in locating an object in mass, fine motor skills and recall of alphabet will be sharpened.