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Slinky Snake

Slinky Snake
4 to 5 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

You can create attractive craft items at home. Your child would learn to improve his cognitive skills using this task. Make sure your child is observant throughout this activity.

Requisites: Coloured paper sheets, scissors, colour pens and glue.



1. Cut out a large strip of green paper sheet which has a significant width. Now fold this strip to make a scroll type figure.

2. Take the scissor and cut the upper surface to form slits into the scroll figure. This is the body of the paper snake.

3. You now have to make the face and tail of the snake using another green sheet.

4. Paste the face and tail using glue to the body.

5. You can further decorate the snake figure using other stationery items.

Such craft tasks are a good source to help your child learn about creativity. This is a fun activity so, let's get started!