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Sock Puppet

Sock Puppet
4 to 5 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

Role play activities might require a variety of props. You can help your kid learn how to make a sock puppet. Focus is very important and only your the kid can learn. This task is easy and can be accomplished fast.

Requisites: Socks, buttons, colours and loads of thread.


1. Take a sock and fill it with cotton.

2. Decorate the sock with buttons to define eyes, mouth and nose.

3. You can also add fake hair using threads to make the puppet look amusing.

4. You can wear it on your hand and offer a puppet show.

Your child should be motivated to create his own puppet. A number of things can be prepared at home if you have the vision to analyse and act.    

Note: Make sure your child doesn’t cut himself hand while handling the scissor.