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Spinning Color Wheel

Spinning Color Wheel
4 to 5 years child activity

You can create interesting toys at home using basic stationery items. Teach your child how to make a spinning wheel. Make sure your child is totally focused during the demonstration

Requisites: Cardboard, colors, thread and scissors



1. Take a thin cardboard and cut a small bottle cap-sized circular disk.

2. Using poster colors paint the disk with all seven rainbow colors. You can even use a marker to highlight the different sections.

3. Now you have to poke a hole at the centre of the disk. Make sure the hole is big enough to pass a thread through it.

4. Take a thick thread and pass it through the wheel. Now twist the disk using the two thread ends and when it is almost twisted then stretch the threads from both ends to make it circulate.

This is an easy toy which would keep your child entertained. He would also learn the different colours. So, what are you waiting for?