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Sticker And Felt Collage!

Sticker And Felt Collage!
7 to 8 years child activity
Shape recognition
Gross motor
Sticker and felt collage is one activity your little one will enjoy to the fullest. This art work will definitely add on to your child's memory. Your child's gross motor development is increased through this activity.
Requisites: Cut-Board, Glue, Stickers, Scissors
1. Use a cut-board and smoothen all four sides to give it a good shape like a frame.
2. Cover it with a colourful or white sheet and give it a solid look.
3. Add some left over stickers from his story book or which you get it in the newspaper and magazines, cut it nicely and place it in the sheet.
4. You can also add some of your personal pictures to give it a beautiful look.
5. And then frame it and hung it in your drawing room writing both you and your little one’s name engraved in it.
And your collage is ready! This will be a very fulfilling artwork from both ends!