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Stop! .... Go!

Stop! .... Go!
2 to 3 years child activity
2y to 3y
Cognitive Development

Given the independence and at times stubbornness of your toddler, teaching the concept of Stop and Go can be done most effectively through games and play. Here's how you can do it through this simple activity.

Requisites: Round Paper Plate, Plastic container lid


1. Create a steering wheel for your toddler and yourself.

2. Show him with your body how you drive through the space when you say 'Green light Go'.

3. And 'Stop' in place when you say Red Light – Stop! Remember it may take a few tries of this game for your toddler to figure it out. 

You can also try and playing this game with toy cars, say green light and drive the cars all over the floor, say red light and the cars must stop. This will also work on your toddlers budding fine motor skills.

This is the perfect game for your toddler who will delight in his ability to start and stop the game!