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Strip Word Formation

Strip Word Formation
2 to 3 years child activity
2y to 3y

You need to make sure your kid is ready to perform this task. This is a good way to test your child’s reading abilities. Be supportive in your actions so that he stays focused. 

Requisites: Chart paper, scissors, glue and pen.


1. Spread a white chart paper on the table. 

2. Write down the latter part of certain words like ‘at’, ‘end’ etc. 

3. Now take a coloured paper and make rectangular strips using it. 

4. Write down the former part of words on these strips. For example- ‘Th’, ‘Bl’ etc. 

5. Spread these strips on the table and ask your kid to complete the words on the white sheet. 

You can offer a demo so that your child can learn. Do not let him feel low on confidence. You can even offer hints, if he is finding it difficult.