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Super Easy Pasta Shell Photo Frame

Super Easy Pasta Shell Photo Frame
3 to 4 years child activity
3y to 4y
Eye-Hand movement
Fine motor

Are you bugged on a lazy weekend with your little one and don’t know how to engage him? Try this super fun activity, which also helps you and your child bond!

Making this super easy pasta shell photo frame is the right way to pass the time. The items required to make this are pretty much available at home except maybe, for the pasta shells. But hey, you know what? you can whip out excellent dishes using pasta shells for your kiddo who will finish them in no time. So go ahead and stock them up.

Requisites: Lots of unused pasta shells, card board sheet, scissors, glue, any photo of your choice, paint tubes of your baby's choice


1. Take the cardboard and Cut it to 5 by 7 inches.

2. Stick the picture on the cardboard sheet.

3. Engage your child by asking him to stick the shells along the edges

4. Dab in some colors chosen by your child. This also helps him identify colors.

6. You can also mix different shaped pasta Shells and make the frame even more creative.

7. Using a paint brush, color each pasta shell with a different color.

8. Make a small hole at top center and pull out a small string and hang on the wall. And your photo frame is ready!

With this photo frame, your time is well spent. You can cherish memories by seeing the picture. This fun activity helps with hand-eye movement, imagination as well as memory in your little one. Who said educative activities are boring?!