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Tenting At Home

Tenting At Home
7 to 8 years child activity

This is a cool seasonal activity that can be conducted in your house compound. You can call your kids friends too for playing this fun activity. You just need a thick stick, bed sheet, rope and clips for preparing tent and some foodstuffs, torch, rug etc.


1. Now ask the kids to assemble the stick by forcing it into the ground and then covering with mud. Not tie a rope at top of the stick and the other side should be fixed in ground with a stopper. Do the same for two more ropes.

2. Now use the bed sheet and fix it on the rope on the three ends. Take a lap inside for light.

3. The summer camp tent is ready. You can ask all the kids to get in with their bags and foodstuffs and enjoy the summer camp tent.

Camping can be done in the home too. This is how you can do it. Try now and have fun.