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The Allen's adventure for the New Kid!!

The Allen's adventure for the New Kid!!
7 to 8 years child activity
Verbal language
Working memory

You must tell children that you will be hearing a story called The Allen Adventure. Explain that as you read the story there will be things to do and time to talk about the story in the group. Show the Talking and Thinking poster and talk through the ‘rules’ for group discussions, and mention that listening is just as important as talking.

Suggested orientation questions feel free to change; discussion should be fairly brief:

• What can we see on the screen?

• Who do you think this is?

• What can we see about Allen?

• What is an ‘alien’?

• Where do aliens come from?

• What is an ‘adventure’?

• Where do you think Allen might go on an adventure?

The group listens to the narrator read the first chapter of The Allen Adventure. Invite children to participate at the relevant places. Storytelling can be fun and an active process with this activity. Indulge your child and his friends in such story telling sessions and enjoy !!