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The Art Of Listening - How To Make Them Good Listeners.

The Art Of Listening - How To Make Them Good Listeners.
6 to 7 years child activity
Verbal language

Listening is an important activity which very few people actually practice. You need a lot of patience to give your ear and time to others and listen to them patiently. You can teach your child this activity, so that they develop it with time.

1. Start talking about some boring topic says studying for instance. Initially, you child will ignore, but if you make it interesting they will pay attention.

2. Now, choose some other topic, your child is not aware or doesn’t like. Tell them how listening makes them a better person and increases their knowledge base.

3. Switch on the TV and put on the news channel. Your child willnot be interested.

Try to involve him in a conversation about the same.Fan his curiosity. Slowly and steadily they will master the skill of listening.