The First Time Club

The First Time Club
6 to 7 years child activity

Sometimes it becomes difficult to make your 6-7 year old kid understand, he might argue for one thing and not listen to you. It becomes difficult to make him do something when you ask him to do that. By using this simple activity, your child will understand and enjoy this too.

Requisites: Colorful chart paper, sketch pens, smileys, glue


1. You need a big, colorful chart paper, choose a bright one. Then with the help of sketch pen draw 30 squares in that chart.

2. Now, tell your child that every time he will do something good, he will be rewarded with a smiley in the square drawn on the chart.

3. Tell him, when all the squares are completed he will be rewarded with something of his choice that he wanted from a long time.

4. You can either place the picture of the reward or write it on the chart once it is full of smileys. 

5. Then make it a habit to practice this activity with your child while making him learn various things like how to behave, listen quietly, express his feelings and maintain eye contact while speaking to you.

This activity will teach your child to respond in a proper way and he will be happy to get rewards for his good behavior and deeds.