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The Paper Folding Activity To Polish Motor Skills

The Paper Folding Activity To Polish Motor Skills
2 to 3 years child activity
2y to 3y
Fine Motor

Paper folding is an activity that is perfect at this age for the child to explore and learn. Since your child's observational skills are polished now, you can leverage this to boost his other area of development, that is motor development.

1. Sit with the child and offer a demonstration in different steps. Start off with folding the paper once. 
2. Let the child learn this basic folding technique and once they gain perfection then you can start with two folds. 
3. You can also take the help of audio sources to impart this knowledge. The next step is to start with easy paper folding models such as a paper wallet. There are several origami videos available for kids that can serve as a good medium to make them learn. 

Always remember to include such an activity as a part of the child’s fun time. Motivate the kid when he does something correctly by offering praise or a warm hug.