The Sensory Activity: Sense Your 5 Senses

At preschool, your adorable darling is able to recognize their body parts and understand their functions. Your kiddo’s nervous system and senses play a vital role in their life because of this your child can get a clear picture of the things around him.

The five senses are: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. Here is an activity called “Sense your five senses”.

The Sensory Activity: Sense Your 5 Senses

A. For Taste

Your little one can taste four separate flavors: salt, sweet, sour and bitter.

Requisites: Some chips, chocolate/any sweet item like an ice-cream, Lemon-1/2, Pinch of coffee powered or dark chocolate piece, 1 meter of cloth piece.


1. Close your little one’s eyes using the cloth piece.

2. Let him taste each item one by one. Ask him to describe the taste.

Explain to him as to why tongue is a sense organ.

B. For Sight

Your little one’s eyes can detect light, which enables him to interpret colour and movement.

Requisites: Portable Mirror -1, leaf/flower, Spoon, colorful bangle/ beads necklace, small colorful picture, etc.


1. Place each of the objects in front of the mirror.

2. Now ask your little one to tell you what is seen in the mirror. 

3. Explain to your child about how eyes can detect light and hence, helps him to see what he sees every day.

C.  For Touch

Your kiddo is able to tell if it's hot or cold and rough or soft, when something touches him.

Requisites: One cold and warm water bottle each, soft feather toy, dish wash scrub piece


1. Give your kid each item one by one. 

2. Observe their reaction. 

3. Explain to him how he can identify the item by the feel of it through his skin.

D. For Smell

Your little one’s little nose is not only for breathing, this organ can sense the smell also.

Requisites: Camphor-1p, Mint leaves -4p, Jasmine/rose flower-1p


1. Give your child each of the items one by one.

2. Ask him to explain the smell he senses.

3. Ask him to distinguish the smell he liked the most and the smell he disliked the most.

Explain to him as to why nose is a sense organ.

E. For Hearing

Your kid’s ears helps him to hear sounds. The brain uses the sounds from both the ears to determine distance and direction of sounds.

Requisites: Rhymes track, Glass bangle 5-6, steel glass and spoon, Bell-1


1. Make sounds with each of the items one by one, by banging them on to a hard object. 

2. Ask your kiddo to identify the sound. 

3. Provide him with variations; maybe by playing a sound track first time, near his ears and second time, far from his ears. This will help him to analyze the difference between the distance of the sound coming from.

You can make this a group activity by involving 3,4 kids. This fun activity give your kids a clear picture of their senses.

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