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"The Wordsmith"- Word Building Activity

"The Wordsmith"-  Word Building Activity
4 to 5 years child activity

Your child's world bank is growing bigger in size. Want to know an interesting activity to test your little one's vocabulary and knowledge? Here it is!


1. You would need a sheet of paper, colour pens and square paper chits.
2. Write down different vowels and consonant alphabets on separate paper chits and place them in two separate bowls.
3. Ask the child to pick a chit from each of the two bowls. He needs to form a word that has both the alphabets.
4. You can offer a demonstartion so that he can understand the task.
5. You can transform this task into a contest so that the child can stay interested.

This task would surely help the child polish his grammar and vocabulary. You can ask other members of the family to participate in this task. Switch off your television and ge to the task immediately.