Tinkering With Wires And Loose Parts In Play Dough

This activity is fantastic for providing open-ended creative play to your kiddo. If your kiddo has interest in scientific discoveries or is fascinated in doing something very new, then this activity is for him. Moreover, it does not cost anything as it consists of all old, waste or recycled materials.

Requisites: Old tv cables, coloured buttons, bottle tops, jar lids, coloured wool and string, pipe cleaners, cardboard tubes (wrapped in shiny tape), black sparkle play dough.

Tinkering With Wires And Loose Parts In Play Dough


1) Guide your kiddo to connect the pieces of cable by using the play dough as a stabilising base.

2) Tie the wires, string and pipe cleaners to make all the cables and carboard tubes in place. 

3) Make sure that the ends are poked into the holes in the bottle tops, buttons and the jar lids. After that, encourage your kiddo to check each part properly that they are secured. 

4) Rearrange them if parts come out or didn’t seem to fit quite right.

5) It is quite interesting to see when all finished that how ingredients can be dropped down the pipes, how they are mixed and made in the tubes. 

6) The final product comes out at the end, via a large button. This can be making up of sweets or anything.

It is a quite interesting and learning booster activity for your kiddo. The design and making skills that were being practised in this activity will surely be loved by your child. This activity will also trigger the interest of your child towards the machines, inventors. 

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