Toe Wrestling Game!

Toe Wrestling Game!
3 to 4 years child activity
Muscle Strength

There are so many ways to keep your baby active but there is nothing like toe a wrestling game, which is fun to play and also a great activity that helps the development of motor skills and balance. It is recommended if one older person is engaged in this play who can also give commands while playing.

Requisites: This is an activity for two, so if you’re a parent, or have another older kid, you can engage your child in this game.


1. This game is played barefoot so both the players need to take out their shoes and socks.

2. Take a position facing each other while holding each other's wrists and your toes should be touching the toes of your child.

3. Now you have to make an attempt to step on your child’s toes to the ground. You have to make use of your toes only and are not supposed to lift the heels from the ground.

4. You are not allowed to stamp on each other’s feet or kick your partner.

This toe wrestling game will help your child maintain balance, improves his body strength and also develop his motor skills.