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Untie Your Tie - How Fast Can You Knot A Tie?

Untie Your Tie - How Fast Can You Knot A Tie?
6 to 7 years child activity
Fine Motor

In the world of all ready made garments most of us might not know how to tie your neck tie. Do you remember that complex way of tying it? Here is an activity for a child to help him or her to learn tying a tie.It also develops fine motor skills.

1. Pick a long neck tie and show your child how to knot it. let him follow you step by step before he does it himself.

2. Ask the child to tie within a  given time limit.Begin with a single knot. Later, you could move to double knot.

3. Remove the knot and tie again. Like this see how many times can he or she do it. Make sure to reward the child to make it more fun.    

Though this activity is a simple one, it helps in using the small muscles of hands and fingers and strengthens them. The activity also teaches the kid to knot a tie faster whichmay be required in future.