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Water Displacement Experiment

Water Displacement Experiment
4 to 5 years child activity

You can teach your child about water displacement through this simple experiment. Make sure the kid is fully focused before you begin.


1. You would require a glass jar, several pennies and water for this activity. Offer a demonstration so that the child can understand things better.

2.Place the glass jar on the table so that it is visible to the kid.

3.Add some amount of water in the jar.

4. The next step is very important. Add a single penny in the jar and observe the change in water level.

5. Ask your child to drop few more pennies and notice the change in the level of water. The water level rises as more pennies are dropped in the jar.

This task is a good example to teach the kid about water displacement. After the experiment, offer an easy, clear and lucid explanation too.