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Wax Resist Art To Make Homemade Greeting Cards

Wax Resist Art To Make Homemade Greeting Cards
5 to 6 years child activity
Cognitive Development

Make your kiddo super-creative with this fun-filled card making activity which he can later on apply in his school’s card making week!

Requisites: Watercolor paints, white crayon, paper, white blank greeting cards, paintbrushes, small cups or ice-cube tray


1. Take the white crayon and draw an image or write words on the white greeting card. 

2. As you write white on a white base, you will not be able to see anything which can be frustrating, but the end result will be beautiful.

3. Once your image or message is done, just add few drops of each water-color into the sections of an ice-cube tray. 

4. Fill a couple of sections with water to wet and rinse the brushes in. Then dip your brushes in water and then in the water-color.

5. Swipe them over the front of the card and see the magic, your written message or image will be seen.

This activity will help your kid to make creative and thought-provoking cards for his teacher, parents, friends and for his family members at any given time!