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We Keep Our Memories In Photographs

We Keep Our Memories In Photographs
7 to 8 years child activity
Working memory

Memory skills is an innate quality but unless we stimulate it, we will not gain those skills. In order to enhance your kid's memory power, you can try this activity easily at home.

1. You need  few photos of your family and a photocopy of the same. The original and the photocopy should match the count correctly. Gather photos that your kid is more aware of. It could be of a recent trip.

2. Place the cards side by side. Do not place the original and photocopy of the same picture side by side. They should be kept at a reasonable distance. Shuffle them thoroughly.Place them on the table.

3. Ask your kid to take 2 cards at a time. They will be different cards but there are even chances that they match the same. In case if its not matching ask them to put it back in their original position.In the next turn your kid should pick up 2 cards . Adjacently, the cards taken till now should be in their mind and in their next turn they should be able to match the exact pair.

Isn't it a fun way to improve your kid's memory? You will be amazed to see her enthusaism and excitement on getting both the correct cards. This game can be played in pairs too.