What Is It & What's Its Purpose?

What Is It & What's Its Purpose?
4 to 5 years child activity

At this stage, your child has begun speaking quite a variety of small words. This is the right time to introduce more and more words to strengthen your kiddo’s vocabulary and this activity is apt. for it. This activity also teaches your little one, the use of common household items.

Requisites: A box, Some household items


1. Take a box and fill it with random items from around the house.

2. Let your child pick an item out of the box which she has to identify and describe what it is and what it is used for. E.g., a bottle is used it to fill water and other liquid items. You pour the liquid from the bottle into a glass and drink it.

3. The next part of the activity is to think of alternative ways the object could be used. E.g., You can also use a bottle as a flower vase to decorate flowers.

This invokes an understanding of objects that are used on a daily basis around the house. You can also extend this activity by taking your kid out to the park to learn about new objects.