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Write And Express Your Love

Write And Express Your Love
7 to 8 years child activity

This activity is to make your kid experience the joy of receiving and writing letters, the way you did in your childhood. It will make your kiddo realize that hand written letters have a unique and beautiful purpose. Language is speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Each element supports and enriches the other. This will hone his language and communicaton skills. 

Requisites: Paper and a pen.


1. When your child expresses a feeling or a thought that is related to any family member, make your child write a letter. Have your child dictate the words and write it by himself. Assit him only when he finds it difficult to express himself. 

For example:

Dear Grandma,

I like it when you make ice cream. It’s better than the kind we buy at the store.

Your grandson,


2. Ask the person who received the notes to respond back. An oral response is fine but a written response is even better. 

3. Explain the writing process to your child: "We think of ideas and put them into words; we put the words on paper; people read the words; and people respond."

4. Send your child little notes by putting it in his pocket or lunch box. When your child shows you the note, read it aloud with expression. If he is unable to read it by himself. 

Sending letters will help your child become a better writer, and writing will make him a better reader.