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Yogurt Cup Wind Chimes!

Yogurt Cup Wind Chimes!
2 to 3 years child activity
2y to 3y

Make your little one super creative with this fun-filled activity of creating something new using the same old products. Make Yogurt Cup Wind-chimes to enhance your little one's learning and creative skills.

Requisites: Yogurt Cups, Flowers, Glue, Strings, Foam Stickers


1. Firstly, make a small hole at the top of the yogurt cup, cut a string and add clear polish to it.

2. Take the string and thread it through the small hole of the cup that would be used at the top of the chain. Once it is threaded, place a piece of duct tape on the top of the yogurt cup to help give it strength when hanging.

3. Then start stringing the cups one after the other, after each cup add a knot to hold it. 

4. Once you finish with the stringing, add some foam stickers or some plastic flowers. Your bright and fun Yogurt Cup Wind Chime is ready to hang outside. 

This activity is a perfect example of making the best out of waste and also gives your cutiepie the chance to feel like a creative artist!