All Set To Learn The Importance And Usage Of Money

All Set To Learn The Importance And Usage Of Money

This is the age when your kid has to learn about things that would help him sustain himself in life. You as a mother need to be there for him so that he can slowly learn about life and its functioning. The age group 5-6 is very crucial as the child is open to a variety of things.

What you need to know 
Handling and valuing money is one basic and necessary thing which has to be taught to the kid. You have to teach the child about the various notes and coins. Make him learn about the value of every currency element.

The next step involves teaching the kid where money is used in day to day life. Make him aware that money is the key source to purchase different items. The kid’s mathematical abilities are also tested while learning about money. Ask him to recognise the notes and coins without giving him any assistance. This knowledge would help the kid realise the importance of money.




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