All Set To Write Longer Sentences

All Set To Write Longer Sentences

Your child has started school and is going through his education phase. This is the correct time for you to train your kid in writing skills. He is fully ready to be trained in writing longer sentences now.

What you need to know
Most children develop a good verbal ability in comparison to writing skills. Don’t let your child fall behind and help him develop his writing abilities to the fullest. You can start the training by asking the child to write about himself. Tell him to write at least five sentences. Let the child make mistakes because that is the time when you can correct him.

What you can do
Make your kid learn about tenses and their correct use. The kid must be trained on how to frame sentences in past, present and future tense. This might take some days for the little one develop a good understanding. The next step can be to offer the kid with a single word and ask him to form a sentence with it. This would test the kid’s thinking ability along with his writing skill.




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