Although Older, Your Child Can Still Be Clingy, And That Isn't Too Bad

Although Older, Your Child Can Still Be Clingy, And That Isn't Too Bad

Ever wonder why your child tends to cling to you after coming back from school? Once your child is back from school, you are being followed everywhere you go, whether to the kitchen, the bedroom or terrace, while at the same time a continuous stream of information will keep flowing from your child’s mouth. Each and everything that happened in the school is very important to be shared with the mother. At times it might look annoying to you but this clingy nature of the child is a need at this stage.

What you need to know 
Although your child is grown up enough to make friends and go to school without crying, that does not mean your child does not need you anymore. Although your child is able to form friendships the emotional life and stability is still found only at home.

What you can do
Your child is still very attached to you and feels upset when away from you in school but is not willing to show it anymore. At school your child will have to face new rules and systems that are different from what are there at home and this will leave the child confused and tired. So do not be surprised if your otherwise independent child tends to be clingy, teary or bossy after coming back from school. Your child wants your attention and this is just your child’s way to deal with the pressure.

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