Baby Talk To Adult-Like Language

Baby Talk To Adult-Like Language
Verbal language

Now that your child has started going to kindergarten, you can observe drastic changes in his or her language skills. New words will be used almost every alternate day. The child will experience little or no difficulty in pronouncing different sounds. Your child will be able to name and spell his or her name correctly. Although he or she might get stuck while saying something, the perseverance to complete it by repeating the sentence from the beginning without pausing can be noticed.

The child might try to imitate speakers in his or her surroundings such as teachers or parents. While talking, grammatical errors like usage of tenses, plurals can be noticed. He or she can follow simple instructions. Sequencing events in the right order will be better than before. From a mere “what” to all questions, the child will progress to using appropriate question tags like “how”, “when”, “why” and the like. Be prepared to hear some foul language from your child occasionally, which they may find as being ‘cool’ and interesting. Ignore it at the first hearing but teach him or her to avoid such words as they are offensive in nature.

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