Basics Of Safe Touch - What Your Child Ought To Know

Basics Of Safe Touch - What Your Child Ought To Know

Your little one spends more time out of the home now. It’s high time he or she learnt to safeguard themselves from malicious predators.

Teach Names of Body Parts
To start with, let your child know the correct names of body parts. The private parts of a person are the chest, buttocks, and the part between the legs. Other than the immediate care taker such as parents who mostly touch those parts while giving a bath or dressing, no one else is allowed to touch there. If a medical examiner has to check those parts, they can do so in the presence of parents.

Steps to Follow
What should the child do if anyone else tries touching private parts? Ask him or her to follow the No-Shout-Run-Tell sequence. Try stopping the manipulator with a strict No. If he or she still continues, seek help by shouting and calling for help. Flee from the spot to the nearest safe destination such as school, home or a crowded place. Tell a trusted adult nearby that a person made him or her feel uncomfortable by trying to touch private parts.




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