Big Baby Alert! Why Does Your Toddler Resist Your Show Of Affection?

Your little darling used to love to cuddle up to you and smoother you with kisses. Now suddenly you get pushed away the minute you want to give a hug or a kiss. It might hurt you as a parent as you are overflowing with love for your child but your child wants to have nothing to do with that love. However, do not take it personally if your child runs off from your hugs and kisses. It is just a part of their growing up years.Big Baby Alert! Why Does Your Toddler Resist Your Show Of Affection?

What you need to know 
You know that this is the age when your child is learning to be independent and this is just a streak of that independent spirit. Their resistance to the show of affection from parents is just a way of showing their independence and asserting that they are in charge of their body. Although both girls and boys this age resist hugs and kisses, boys may also reject the mother’s kisses as a way to deal with the strong attraction that they have for the mother.

What you need to do
If your child who otherwise likes to cuddle is resisting it on a particular day, it could be because of tiredness or pre-occupation. You must also respect your child’s feelings.
It is best to avoid being too clingy at this time because while active kids may wiggle out, the more docile ones will submit while building resentment inside. Always remember that even though your child is not the hugging type right now, in no way is the love for you any less.

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