Brain Reigns ? Games To Stimulate Your Preschooler

Brain Reigns ? Games To Stimulate Your Preschooler

Cognitive development refers to thinking, understanding, memorizing and reasoning skills of a person. By the age of four, 90% of brain development is achieved. Unlike toddlers who are impulsive by nature, preschoolers are quite manipulative. They try predicting the expected outcome of an action and then respond.

Here are some games and activities that can improve your child’s cognitive skills:

• Simon says: Simon, the leader, gives orders like “clap twice”, “jump once” which needs to be followed quickly. The last one to get it right will be out.

• Color color: One person is a thief while the rest are inmates of the house. The thief knocks the door and demands an object of a specific color. All inmates run to touch an object of the specified color before being caught by the thief. This game helps the children identify different colors and respond faster.

• Who am I: An adult or older kid reads out clues of objects, animals, fruits, colors etc. and asks the rest to guess the word. The first to give the right answer with the least number of clues will be declared the winner.




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