Bruised And Battered- When Playful Fun Can Lead To Bullying

Bruised And Battered- When Playful Fun Can Lead To Bullying

You have heard stories of five year olds being bullied and bossed. But you never thought it could happen to your child. Still, school bullying is quite a real thing. While kids are playing, developing their motor skills or sitting in class writing, they are always prone to getting manhandled by bullies.

What you need to know 

So, how do you recognize and protect your child from potential bullying? Well, fighting can happen often when young kids play. In fact, they may fight with each other or playfully push and pull. But you must teach a child to recognize the signs of bullying.

For instance, during play if someone hurls abuses at them, taunts and name-calls them- that’s bullying. Similarly, physical activities such as pushing, kicking and punching, if aggressive and intentional can be a form of bullying. Even social rejection can be bullying. Kids are active and impulsive, but whether you are a parent or a teacher, you need to notice if this turns to bullying.

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