Brushing Can Still Be Quite A Nightmare For Your Kid

Although your kiddo is becoming wiser with time, he can still enjoy being messy a lot! You were out of the bathroom for a second and the next thing you know, there’s toothpaste and foam everywhere! Your little one’s t-shirt is covered with it! Well, that’s what happens when you give a toothbrush to a kid who’s just developing their gross motor skills. But no matter how nightmarish the scene may look, you need to prepare your child to brush on their own.

What you can do
While it may sound frustrating, there are a few simple things you can try. For instance, start by making brushing fun for your kid. Get those flavored toothpastes and toothbrushes with his favorite cartoon characters. Or else, you can start ‘playing dentist’ with them, brushing their teeth lightly and then giving them the opportunity to do it on their own. You can also try finding videos of kids brushing their teeth.Brushing Can Still Be Quite A Nightmare For Your Kid

Kids love to emulate, so they will basically imitate the behavior and actions of another child on the video.

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