Build Better Conversation Skill By Teaching How To Use 'Me' and 'You' !

Build Better Conversation Skill By Teaching How To Use 'Me' and 'You' !
Verbal language

Your child is now growing and is also learning how to interact. He can now form sentences and can even hold conversations. But there might be certain basic elements, which your child might not use correctly. It is your responsibility as a parent, to teach your child how to perfect his grammar. 

What you need to know:

Your child may not be well aware of using 'me' and 'you' correctly.  Language development is very important. This is the correct age when the kid needs to improve his speech and vocabulary. Take out time during the day and make sure the little one is totally focused. Make the child read books which have conversations. This would help him get a better idea about 'me' and 'you'. Ask various members of the family to have interesting conversations with him. Listening to others will also help your child picking up the correct usage. Correct your child at once when is is making a mistake. You can also try correcting him in your native language first and then move to other languages. This will make things easier for him and you.

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