Can Your Child Be A Bullying Victim?

Now that your five year old is slowly getting out of the shelter of a Montessori environment and stepping into the main school, changes are inevitable. While some changes are happy and peaceful, there are a few that give you some nerve racking moments. The problem of bullying by older kids is one of the most common and difficult problems to handle.

What you need to know 

The most difficult thing is to identify if your child is a victim of bullying. It is always good to keep a close eye on your child especially in the initial days of schooling. Sometimes, he might not apparently come and speak about the instances happening in the school.Can Your Child Be A Bullying Victim?

So, as a parent it is even more important to look for signs that may tell about a possible bullying in the school. Look out for some of the common signs are. If your child suddenly loses interest in going to school and refuses everything related to that; becomes sad and reclusive in behaviour; suddenly shows irregularity in sleeping and eating along with a bad temper, you should take it as a sign of possible bullying.

It is important to understand that bullying can damage the self esteem and confidence of the child in a big way. So, keep a track on the behavioral changes that are sudden and new and address them as soon as possible. Don't take bullying lightly and ensure that you take necessary steps to resolve the issue at the earliest.

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