Character Building of Your Child - What's Going On?

Your child's character development had begun long ago, however, at this stage, it is getting further intensified. Teaching children what’s right or wrong, or what’s virtuous and moral can be quite challenging, especially when they are as young as 3+ years old. Plus, every child is born with unique temperaments and personality. So, there are some kids who might feel horrible when they lie and then others who would delight in deception. Of course, there are children who could be timid or those who have a lot of courage.

What you need to do 
So, what can parents do to build their child’s character? When it comes to character development, they can start by developing positive personal qualities. For instance, they can teach them to be generous by involving their entire family with NGOs or even shelter homes. Or they can teach the child through role play and ensuring that everywhere the child goes they receive a model for courage, honesty, fairness and respects.Character Building of Your Child - What's Going On?

At the same time, parents should use appreciation and praise or character feedback in abundance. Telling your child what’s wrong or what’s right is supremely important because it is through you that the child will learn.

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