Choosy About Food- Looking Frail?

Choosy About Food- Looking Frail?
Eating Habit

Your child at this age tends to be very choosy about what she eats. Sometimes they would get stuck on one kind of food and want to eat only that in every meal. As a result many children this age look thin and frail. "My child just does not eat and is very thin"-This is a common woe of you like many other parents most of the times.

What you need to know 
If your child looks thin to you, don’t be concerned as long as you are sure that your child is taking in all the essential nutrients with the food. The metabolism of children this age is quite fast and added to that is their high activity levels; this makes it difficult for the child to put on weight. This however will change over time and when your child hits adolescence, fat deposit will begin.

What you need to do
As parents your focus right now should be to make sure that your child’s diet has the right amount of protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins and minerals. Even if the child gets fixated on one food for some time, do not worry. They eventually get bored of eating that food and will move on. Try to experiment with their favourite food to make it more nutritious. It will be a good idea to plan your child’s school tiffin in consultation with your child. This way you can make sure that your child will finish the food and remain well fed during the school hours.