Clueless About How To Handling Back-Talk? Here's What You Can Do

Clueless About How To Handling Back-Talk? Here's What You Can Do
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This topic will surely pique a lot of interest. Back talk at the age of 5 and beyond is something that parents go crazy trying to handle. Why is my son so disrespectful? Where is my daughter learning all these defiant ideas? How could they talk to me like this? These are some common thoughts that cross your mind when you hear your child talking back at everything you say or do.

What you need to know

The most immediate and impulsive reaction to this is yelling and in a severe case, a hard spank. But does this work? No, and it will actually make things much worse. There are definitely few things that you can do and put things right.
Firstly, have patience and hear your child out till the end. Allow him/her to finish. This will save you from any impulsive reaction and give you time to react. This also shows that you are respecting his/her feelings and he/she must do the same. A give and take in such situations works pretty well. Secondly, avoid a war of words. This is no solution to this problem, and instead will lead to matters becoming worse. Thirdly, try to pinpoint situations when your child talks back and address the situation.

Avoid situations that could trigger such behavior. Lastly, the most important thing that you need to do is remind yourself that this is a normal process of development, and most kids do it when they start being independent. This habit is not lasting, and with proper attention the problem of back-talk does reduce. For a few it might take a little longer, but as a parent you must do your duty and ensure that this problem is addressed well in the most mature way possible.

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