Communication Hiccups May Surface- But You can Shoo Them Away

Your kid has grown from that age where he used to make sounds to express his feelings. Now when he is nearing age four, it is quite comfortable for him to talk and express himself. But you have to work on his communication skills so that your pre-schooler can freely converse. With a lot of things happening at once, your child may face some glitches in perfecting communication, but this can be easily dealt with.

What you need to know

Your child must be kept in an environment where he is not restricted to express what he feels. There are certain steps which must be incorporated in order to help the kid grow his verbal capabilities to interact with people. Help the child learn about ‘feelings’ vocabulary, that is, when he is sad, angry, happy, etc, then he must be expressive about it. Sometimes, the kid is not able to transfer or share intense feelings. For this the parents must make him familiar with the ways to recognise and express them without any hesitance.

Teach non-verbal communication

Teaching of non-verbal communication is also a good way to make the kid learn. For example, make a sad face and cover it with your hands when the kid throws something at you. Wait for the moment when he comes and questions you about it. You must tell him that, you got scared because he threw something at you. This would help the little one develop an understanding about expressing through actions which is a way of communication.Communication Hiccups May Surface- But You can Shoo Them Away

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