Concrete Creative Development Has Started!

Have your child just become even more active and energetic than before? Do you perceive an increased focus on motor activities? That’s great!

You must be happy that your child is becoming more physically active now. Initially you may notice some inattention towards studies, and more interest in games like jumping a rope, football or other such activities. Well you need to be patient and not frustrated.Concrete Creative Development Has Started!


What you need to know

They have just started with all this so encourage them to indulge in more and more of such activities. This will help them in becoming physically active and energetic and rest of his/her tasks will be taken care of.

Furthermore your child may display the best of his/her creative skills at this stage by dabbling in colouring, drawing, writing, and other such skills. You need to help your child learn these do that he/she doesn’t remain on the back burner in developing fine motor skills. Just be a little patient and you never know, you might end up in discovering a unique ability of your child at this stage.




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