Cracking Jokes, Telling Stories, Talking More And More!

Cracking Jokes, Telling Stories, Talking More And More!

The period of six to seven years old is when you will see your child talking as much as they can. You should help your child in the development of understanding of both formal and informal language and speech skills.

Correct Them Patiently

At this point of time, you may notice them talking things through to solve their problems. Do not get frustrated if your child answers back at you. As a parent you need to be patient and understand that you are an old player in the game and your child is just a newbie. So take baby steps with him and make him learn different speech and language development skills. As your child is going to school, there also he will learn different speech and language skills. You at times may find it strange that your child is using odd styles of speech. But here’s when you need to play the role of a parent and not a teacher. Listen and notice the changes and make them learn the right speech and language but with care. Listen to their stupid jokes, imaginary stories and everything, you will enjoy it for yourself and at the same time help them develop.




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