'Dear Mom, You Don't Have to Feel Guilty!' Your Child's Increasing Fuss

'Dear Mom, You Don't Have to Feel Guilty!' Your Child's Increasing Fuss

Your child has multitudes of growth happening at this moment, more so mentally and hence, she can be more fussy than ever, resulting in creating unwarranted situations due to which you may end up shouting. Is your home messy? Is there paint in your child’s hair? Did you get angry and lose your patience when your child refused to eat their food?

What you need to know

Well, moms can have a pretty hard time raising 6 year olds. The fact that they have to attend to all their kids’ development aspects while handling their own lives and managing their child’s behavior can provoke anxiety among moms. In fact, a lot of moms feel quite guilty and spend sleepless nights worrying about their child’s behavior. But the truth is that this is all normal.

What you need to do

You don’t have to be guilty about your child being messy, throwing things around, having tantrums or refusing to listen to you. Because that’s how 6-7 years old are supposed to behave! However, this can all be too tiring for mums- they have to cope with a lot of emotions. So, evaluate your feelings instead of feeling guilty at your child’s tantrum and giving them a candy.

After all, that’s basically reinforcing your child’s wrong behavior. Instead, try reframing situations. If you begin to feel guilty about your child’s behavior, reframe the situation and understand that the child is still developing and therefore, they are bound to behave this way. It is not your fault. Lastly, talk about it to your child when they are in a good mood, and explain to them how this behavior is causing you trouble.