Developing Emotional Intelligence In Your Child- An important Life Skill

Developing Emotional Intelligence In Your Child- An important Life Skill
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Your kid has a fine development of his emotional skills by now but still a lot of progress is needed on this front. While most of you must be striving hard to make your child academically and technically sound, emotional intelligence development is something that is ignored grossly. As a parent of a five year old child, you must look at things that will help your child grow as an emotionally intelligent person along with all other things. This one aspect is considered one of the most important life skills that must be honed in a child right from the very beginning.

What you need to know 
Developing empathy is a must. A child must be taught why it is important to be empathetic to others around you. A child who is taught this grows up with a sensitive mind, and is always ready to help and be there for others. An emotionally intelligent child will understand why is not good to bully someone, why is not good to hit, push or hurt their friends. He will always place himself in others’ shoes and try to see their point of view in situations that are not favorable. This will make him a sensible and sensitive person, who will have the rare skill and attitude to try and understand and feel for others.

You may feel that your child is too young to understand all these mature facets of life. But the sooner you start developing emotional intelligence in your kids, the sooner he will be in a position to differentiate between what is right and wrong. A child with such a skill is bound to stand out in the crowd and do extremely well in life. So, don't ignore the need to develop emotional intelligence in a child, rather consciously put in an effort to inculcate empathy, that will take him a long way as an adult.

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