Don't Let 'Screens' Ruin Your Child's Development!

The environment that our children grow up in these days have a tremendous impact on their lives. Digital media devices have a major influence on our children these days. We all know that any type of social screen is bad for our children whether it is a smart phone, tablet, computer, TV, or time spent on playing video games games. Most of our kids have easy access to these digital media devices and they can spend many hours engaging themselves in these devices. Using cell phones and other devices have become a part of our culture and we don’t even realize how dangerous it could be if we use these devices in excess. We however do not see any issue of it.  Infact we parents find it an easy way to engage our kids, make them sit at one place and give them the gadget to play with. Now a days it is very common to find even a 1 year child playing with an electronic device.Don't Let 'Screens' Ruin Your Child's Development!

What you need to know

We are already in an age where communicating and engaging with people face to face has become very limited and this generation love to socialize more on digital media rather than face to face. By doing so our children are not learning social skills. Excess use of these devices also affect the education of our children. The mental health of our kids are also at risk because they are missing out on the exposure to a natural world. Excessive use can lead to our children suffer from many ailments like  aggression, developmental delay, etc. Our children can also have trouble critically thinking on their own which can lead to learning disability in future. Making use of digital media device is harmful for your child’s eyesight, can affects his attention span and it can also lead to obesity because of the lack of body movements.. 

Any type of digital screen is harmful for our kids. Most children love their digital devices and nowadays as the screen has become more portable, our children have smart phones in their hands.  It is impossible to completely eliminate the exposure of electronic devices from our children’s life. But we can limit the exposure. We can limit the time our kids spend on these devices. Also if possible allow him to use a tablet or computer more often than a phone because the same has a bigger screen and can be kept at a distance while working on it. However, children under 8 years of age should not be given any exposure to a cell phone or tablet. Brian development is very crucial for our kids and allowing children to use cell phones or tablets can do more harm than good to our child at this age as their brain is still developing. Rather we should allow our children to enjoy nature and play outdoors as much as possible. 

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