Effective Language Development in Your Kid- What Can Be Of Help?

At this stage, the language development of your kiddo is happening more effectively. Did you know what can enhance it further? A trip to the mall!

Yes, you might feel that your shopping trip is the time to unwind and be free of the responsibility of looking after your child. So you always plan for someone to look after your child while you go shopping. However, a trip to the mall can be an exciting trip for both you and your child. In fact it can be a great way to bond with your child, talk, understand what your child likes and give them the confidence of making decisions. It can be made even better if you have ample amount of time in hand to make the trip an extension of your child’s language learning skills.

Effective Language Development in Your Kid- What Can Be Of Help?

What you need to know 

Malls have so many different things on display that you can spend hours teaching your child the names and uses of each. You can point out various things, show your child the difference between two items and tell them why you are choosing one over the other. This is all learning that your child cannot have sitting at home. If any of the objects remind you of a rhyme, you can both start singing and have loads of fun while your child gets a practice session of speech.

You can even encourage your child to go to the cash counter on their own or ask a shop assistant for a particular object. This will improve your child’s speech, socializing skills and build self-confidence.




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