Elaborate, Funny, Thoughtful- Nurturing Kids' Imaginations

Elaborate, Funny, Thoughtful- Nurturing Kids' Imaginations
Verbal language

So, you asked your child something and they narrated you an entire story about it. Or, you told them something about their play and they decide to tell you how their dolls talked or the story they played out.

Kids can be very creative

That’s when you realize how creative kids can be! The imagination of 6 year old and their creativity is skyrocketing. And as a parent, you can do a lot to nurture your child’s imagination!


First, you will have to understand how your school-going child will imagine- they will have a clearer understanding of what’s real and what’s pretend, they will enjoy music, they will have pretend play and creative art. Your child will also imagine about inventing amazing machines or they will dream up elaborate situations. So, you can encourage your child’s imagination accordingly. For instance, you can help flourish their imagination by writing stories or make plays or paintings. Playing puzzles or even dress-up themes could also be a lot of fun!